Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check Your Attitude

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”
-William James
Everybody has an attitude. Some brandish it like a weapon ready to wage battle with those of opposing attitudes or wills. Others may have a multitude of attitudes that can be switched at will depending on the situation at hand or the population being faced… thus the saying “Check your attitude at the door.” I don’t believe “attitude” is necessarily negative or bad or destructive, as when someone might say, “Watch out for someone he/she has an attitude.” To me this quote simply refers to our outlook on life.
For me I do have to be constantly checking my attitude, examining my emotional barometer and adjusting my outlook on life. I’ve been accused of being too optimistic, happy, or positive. Quotes like, “Aren’t you the little Miss Sunshine today.” Or “God who gave him the happy pill today.” Or simply, “Cheer up already!” (with a heavy dose of sarcasm). As if I may not have a firm grip on reality, who the hell really does? Yeah I know life can suck big time, and it just plain aint not fair. Life and those who live it can delight in kicking ya when you are down and know just… where … to … place that kick to wreak the most havoc. I’ve had to haul my ass out of the deepest pit of depression one claw at a time. I’ve survived suicide, and found that drugs don’t take the pain away just deaden the nerves. It aint pretty and I don’t deserve any awards or praise. We all have to face our demons and must do it in our own way.
But I can not afford to slip down that slippery slope again, it is much, much too easy to start with a pity party and end up alone at the bottom of a deep dark pit. I have to FACE the obstacles and all the chit life throws my way. The other day my love and I went for a walk, I had set the lock on the door but was still looking for my key when I stepped out to look at something she had pointed out. Before I knew it the door was shut with my only keys indoors. I know… where’s the spare key dummy. I knew my wife would panic if she knew the situation, there was a time this would have sent me in a tailspin of anger, frustration, rage, and then escape. But I can not afford to harbor such an attitude now. I knew that our neighbor sharing the other duplex might be able to let us into her side and there was a solution. Rather than mention the dilemma we simply continued on our walk, stayed out an about until I was fairly certain our neighbor was home and headed back.  All was well, crisis averted, and we managed a wonderful evening out and about town. The altering influence was my attitude.
So how often do you have to “check your attitude? How often do you judge others according to their attitude. I wish you a most excellent day that will not challenge your attitude too much. Enjoy the gift of the day.

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