Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interveiws With My Self: Episode 4

The Light amongst the Darkness

In this podcast episode, My Self discovers that despite the despair and loneliness that can accompany Early Onset of Alzheimer's Mr. Caregiver and his wife can still experience many joys, and rainbows behind the clouds. Come discover the uplifting side of Mr. Caregiver as he walks the Long Goodbye with his Beloved. This podcast lasts approx 21 minutes and will help provide insights into a disease that affects over 5.5 million Americans today and is growing exponentially every year.

If you want to help consider donating to the Alzheimer's Association or join a Memory Walk in your area. There are also many volunteer opportunities with the Alzheimer's Association or a local chapter. Give today... before you forget.


  1. Michael,
    As a person who also has ADD and a Mom who has Alzheimers and a brother (now deceased) who had Aspergers Syndrome I would like to say I am totally awed by your response to your wife's deteriorating condition while you juggle a full-time job/career to support yourselves and also deal with ADHD. I find it amazing that you are doing all that! Lest you get too bogged down in what you don't do or should do or didn't do, I would like to say that I think your wife is blessed to have you in her life. People with ADHD are often times smarter than the average person although that doesn't show very obviously. Where it does show is in the ability to think outside of the box which you are doing so beautifully (just listened to your blogtalks). It isn't exactly the reverse process of watching a baby grow into a child and then into an adult but your skills of anticipating what happens next and the best way to handle new things (not learned but unlearned)is quite amazing. You are showing incredible kindness and patience, resourcefullness and willingness to put your beloved's needs and wants before your own and to take what makes her happy to be your own or what makes you happy. I am so amazed and in awe. I know it is hard. I may not know just how difficult it is but I have more understanding than most people I think. The sadest part is people who are the best caregivers are ones that treat others exactly the way they would like to be treated. Most of the time we don't find anyone to treat us in like manner but I hope and pray you do. You deserve it. I hope you are at peace with what you are doing because it is the right thing and I think deep down, you know that alreay. Kudos and Kudos and Hurrahs aplenty for both of you, for your strength and fortitude and shining example to the world. Kaaren P

    1. My sincere gratitude KP for taking the time to listen to my ramblings and for your kind and insightful reply. As someone who also has a full plate of life's challenges and blessings your insights are so appreciated. At times I just want to find the nearest rock to crawl under and hide away. Perhaps it is a blessing for my beloved and I that there IS no one else to care for he which forces me to step up to the plate and bring my A game... although at times we are fortunate that I bring any game at all! LOL

      I hope you will return to hear more from My Self and me.