Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birth of a New Day

To those few new, brave followers who have come over to give me a look see thank you and I dedicate this entry to you. It can be tough to wake up every day as a caregiver for a loved one and maintain a positive attitude. Yet I truly believe the BIG A makes all the difference in how we approach life and how life approaches us. I can NOT afford to remain positive and hopeful about my day. My job is a demanding one that requires daily interactions with many people who will be reading and reacting to my mental state. Yes, I weep at my loss and rage against a world that seems so cruel and unfair at times. Yet in the end I must draw strength from my Creator and the gifts offered to me in each new day. And so I offer up this muse and observation in the hopes that you too will find joy and hope in this new day, despite whatever trials and challenges life throws your way. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

In the quiet pre-dawn light I emerge from my home to journey to work. I’ve decided to hoof it today; the 45-minute trek is such a relaxing, and soothing way to begin a hectic day. It is a luxury I rarely partake in these days as it leaves me a distance from my beloved if she should be in need. Plus I need to come home for lunch now to insure she will eat. Therefore, today I will walk both ways and pray all will be well at home. The streets are mostly deserted with the exception of some early risers taking their canine companions out for a stroll. A jogger bounces past being led by an energetic chocolate lab obviously enjoying the morning scents and sights. An elderly woman stops while her dog, that resembles a dust mop more than a dog, stops to carefully select a spot on a neighborhood lawn to fertilize. After the deposit is made the woman removes a plastic bag from her pocket and with gloved hands gingerly cleans up after her dog. Awesome citizenship madam, nothing worse than to find dog-doo on one’s lawn or stumble into a pile while looking the other way. A brief shower passed by overnight leaving a sheen to the streets and sidewalks along with a few puddles for me to practice my leaping. To accompany my stroll to work there are the encouraging tunes of songbirds, singing in the new day.

 As I continue on my way I witness the birth of a new day in a fiery display to the east. And so I have another shot at life, the slate is wiped clean and I must open this gift to appreciate all it has to offer… including the joy of friendship, new and old, near and far. So I give thanks for you my new-found friend, and wish you a most excellent gift of a day… may it bring a spark of joy, a ray of hope, and a hint of dreams realized.

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  1. This is beautiful! I love the imagery of the morning. Hope you have a nice day =)

    - Sarah