Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes I can get so frustrated looking for the same things again and again. One night we were up until 1 AM looking for my beloved's lost book. Another night I ended up getting out of bed,dressing in my winter gear, and heading out through the subzero temps to look for her purse that had been lost in the car. I knew it was there, told her repeatedly it was there and would be ok... but seeing and holding the lost item is sometimes the only thing to comfort. Whenever I get frustrated I just have to remember what she has done for ME and I stop my fuming and thank the Creator. Here is a muse I scribbled about this topic.

Lost n Found Hide n Seek Hero 

It’s a game we play quite often
Several times a day
You will hide it
I will seek
You will lose it
So I can find
No item in the house
Is immune from this
Amazing vanishing act

Your glasses win the prize
For the most trips
Into the Twiight Zone.
They have cooled off
With the frozen yogurt
And ridden on a micro-merry-go round
I’ve found them beneath your pillow
And tucked within a dresser drawer
Wrapped in your underwear

Then there are your keys
That slip beneath the cushions
Fall into a shoe
Or slip into a potted plant
To take a little nap.
The can opener was not content
To hide in just one place
So it popped into a pan
That slipped into the stove

Every time I make a find
You cheer me and my success
“Oh thank you, thank you
You’re me hero!”
But it was you who first found me
When I was lost and hidden away
You brought me into the light
And loved me into the living
For you are MY
Lost and found, hide n seek hero.


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