Sunday, April 24, 2011

Going Going COme Back

Going… Going… Come Back

You are leaving me.
I’ve known it for awhile
But closed my eyes to reality.
But why?
What did I do
To deserve such abandonment?

Don’t you remember all the good times
We stored away?
Like Glacier Park
When we swam in our tent
After three days of rain.
Or wandering the rocky coast of Maine
When I pointed to the surging ocean
To declare: “My love is as vast
And deep as the sea.”
With rolling eyes
A snickering laugh
You hit my arm
“You are SO full of it!”

What about the children
So devastated they rarely call
I was there when your water broke
In the cashier’s line at J.C. Penny.
We drove through the snow
While you counted contractions.
We danced in the moonlight
At our daughter’s wedding.

Can’t you stay a little longer?
Must you run blissfully
Into his clutches
So unaware how he steals
And distorts your most precious memories?
With every breath I take
A curse upon the name
Of the one who drew you away
Only to destroy you in the end.

You are leaving me
But I love you ever more
And will forever fight
To keep you by my side
And out of the clutches
Of that bastard…

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